Managed Cyber Protection, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Service.


Ensure your digital fortress stands strong, shielding your data from cyber threats and beyond.

Discover why entrepenuers, IT Directors, and business owners alike are hiring CyberXProtect for their cyber protection needs. 

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Cyber Protection

EDR, MDR, Anti-malware, Fail-safe patching, Forensic backup, Ransomware defense, Data protection, Threat monitoring, Compliance reporting.

Data Backup

Backup CLEAN data so you can recover without any malicious code
 ensuring our critical data is encrypted and securely stored.

Disaster Recovery

In case of system failure or cyber incidents, we enable quick failover of critical workloads to the cloud. This ensures business continuity and rapid recovery.

CyberXProtect all-in-one cyber protection platfrom

This platform brings you the opportunity to create modern, original and exclusive designs with:

  • Low Cost Cyber Protection Subscription Model

  • Enterprise-Grade Security with no complex setup required

  • User-Friendly Management and Dashboard

  • Advanced security with EDR, MDR, XDR

  • Streamlined Backup and Disaster Recovery

CyberXProtect 365: Cyber Protection Plan

$ 149

$ 225

Per Workstation: Each desktop or laptop with an assigned active email, powering your CyberXProtect experience.

CyberXProtect 365


Never have downtime due to cyber attacks. Save money, reduce complexity and protect your data now. 


12 Months

24/7 -  365 support


CyberXProtect 365

All-in-One Cyber Protection Full-image and file-based backup for 25+ workload types. Free, secure cloud storage, Acronis Active Protection and vulnerability assessments.


CyberXProtect’s Pledge for Unbreakable Data Protection

At CyberXProtect, we’re your cybersecurity guardians offering a digital shield for small businesses that’s as robust as the big guys’! Imagine having a superhero team that’s always on guard, ensuring your data is safe from the cyber baddies. We integrate top-notch backup, disaster recovery, and endpoint management into a single, sleek service.

Fortify Your Business: CyberXProtect’s Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

Our AI-driven anti-malware defense is like having an invisible force field against virtual villains. Plus, with our centralized management console, you’ll feel like the master of your cyber universe. We’re not just about protection; we’re about empowering you to make cybersecurity part of your company culture. So, let’s join forces and make your business a no-go zone for cyber threats! 🛡️💼🔒