Enhance your company’s digital resilience with CyberXProtect’s complete cyber threat protection.

Straight Foward Plans to Defeat Crooked Actors 

How prepared are you and your business to for a data breach?

At CyberXProtect, our goal is to empower SMB's with state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions.

We strive to be your trusted partner in simplifying the complex landscape of cyber threats, ensuring that your data, communications, and operations are secure.

Join us in building a resilient cyber future.

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CyberXProtect is not just a service; it's a promise of resilience, a commitment to protecting your digital assets with unparalleled expertise.

EDR: Monitors and secures endpoints 

Advanced Email Security

Prevent threats before entry.

All-in-one Dashboard 

Low-cost subscription plans

We have designed new subscription pricing plans with lower costs and more benefits for all our users over the globe. Only monthly plans available!


per month, 1 year subscription

Per Workstation/User

Remote Install

Advanced Email Protection

Data Backup: File-level, Image-based, Local Incremental/differential, Multi-dest.

Recovery: One Click Recovery, Bare Metal Recovery (BMR), Immutable Storage

Data Loss Prevention

1000 downloads monthly

Seamless Deployment and Management delivered right to your virtual or real workspace.

All the aforementioned services are included within our offerings and are customized to suit the unique requirements of your industry.

For instance, in the healthcare sector, you may have PHI, (Protected Health Information) or if you're in the E-Commerce sector, you may handle PCI (Payment Card Information).


Cybersecurity as a Service (SCaaS):

SCaaS offers a suite of cybersecurity tools and services, including threat intelligence, risk assessment, and incident response.

SCaaS offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity tools and services, including threat intelligence, risk assessment, and incident response.
How It Helps You:

It simplifies cybersecurity management, allowing you to focus on your core business while experts handle your cyber defense needs.


Deployment and Management:

We remotely install and manage the CyberXProtect platform into your systems

The platform is designed for ease of deployment and operation. It connects to a cloud-based Management Server, simplifying the setup of backup, disaster recovery, security, and endpoint management.

CyberXProtect’s Remote Deployment service simplifies the installation and management of security solutions across your enterprise. 


Advanced Email Security

Shield Your Email, Empower Your Enterprise

•Features: Protects against phishing, spam, and malware with advanced filtering and threat detection technologies.
How It Helps You: Secures your communication channels, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your email correspondence.


Data Backup

Secure, scalable, and seamless backup experience, ensuring your data is clean and recoverable across all environments

• Features:
Provides automated data backup and rapid recovery capabilities across multiple platforms.
• How It Helps You:
Ensures business continuity by allowing quick restoration of data in the event of loss or breach.


EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response):

Automated Response: Quickly responds to and mitigates threats without manual intervention.

Key Features: • Real-Time Monitoring: Keeps an eye on endpoints for immediate threat detection. • Incident Analysis: Provides detailed analysis of security incidents for informed decision-making. • Automated Response: Quickly responds to and mitigates threats without manual intervention.

How It Helps You: • Immediate Threat Detection: Catches threats as they happen, reducing potential damage. • Informed Security Decisions: Incident analysis helps in understanding and improving security measures. • Efficient Threat Management: Automated responses ensure threats are handled swiftly.  


MDR (Managed Detection and Response):

Decide where you want to start

Key Features:
Expert Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring by cybersecurity experts. Threat Hunting: Proactive searching for hidden threats within the network. Incident Response Services: Comprehensive response to identified threats, including remediation.
How It Helps You:
Expertise on Demand: Access to cybersecurity expertise without the need for in-house specialists. Proactive Protection: Identifies and neutralizes threats before they can cause harm. Threat Handling: Ensures that every aspect of a threat is addressed and resolved


XDR (Extended Detection and Response):

Provides a unified platform for threat detection and response across network, cloud, and endpoints.

Key Features: • Cross-Domain Visibility: Provides visibility across network, endpoint, cloud, and applications. • Threat Correlation: Correlates data from various sources to detect complex threats. • Automated Remediation: Offers automated actions to resolve security incidents.
How It Helps You: • Unified Security View: A single pane of glass for all security events, simplifying management. • Advanced Threat Detection


DLP (Data Loss Prevention):

 Identifies, classifies, and protects sensitive data across your organization.

Key Features:
Sensitive Data Identification: Locates and classifies sensitive data across the organization. Policy Enforcement: Enforces policies to control the flow of sensitive information. • Incident Reporting: Provides detailed reports on policy violations and security incidents.
How It Helps You: • Protects Intellectual Property: Ensures that your valuable data does not leave the organization without authorization. • Regulatory Compliance: Helps in meeting data protection regulations by controlling data flow. • Visibility into Data Movement: Offers insights into how sensitive data is being used and shared