CyberXProtect x HealthSafe

Wellness Wrapped in Cyber Armor

Byte-Size Immunity: Your Health, Our Encryption

Wellness Wrapped in Cyber Armor

Protect patient records, medical devices, and telehealth platforms

We are dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of patient records, ensuring they are kept safe and confidential. Our team works tirelessly to safeguard medical device networks and telehealth platforms, making sure that no unauthorized access or tampering occurs.

 Ensure HIPAA compliance and prevent data breaches

We have a strong grasp of HIPAA rules. Our compliance team monitors your systems closely, detecting and addressing issues promptly. We prioritize HIPAA compliance, conducting audits, training staff, and implementing strict controls. Preventing breaches is our top priority.

Daily backups of clean scans are essential 

Our automated backups meticulously capture immaculate system states, strictly prohibiting any malware intrusions. Daily backups serve as our vital resource. Thorough scans guarantee data restoration without any concessions.

Regularly audit access controls to PHI.

We work diligently to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to PHI. Just like Sherlock Holmes solving mysteries, we carefully monitor access controls to keep your information safe and secure. Your privacy is our top priority, and we are committed to protecting your data with the utmost care and responsibility.

Encrypt data at rest and in transit

We protect data like it's a cherished secret recipe. Whether at rest or in transit, it's safe with us. Encryption is our shield. Whether it's stored in databases or moving through networks, it's invisible to unwanted eyes.

Disaster recovery to ensure business continuity 

When digital storms strike, we are here to be your trusty lifeboats, ready to sail you through with a smile. Our disaster recovery playbook? It's as thick as a library book, filled with solutions to keep your operations running smoothly without missing a beat.

CyberXProtect x HealthSafe